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れ(RE) - Masashi Isai - Title fit I felt it (CD, Album)

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  1. 私の1stCDアルバムの詳細です。 アルバムタイトルは「Title fit I felt it」です。 Sound Sample Comment about "Title fit I felt it" まず少々長くなりますが、まず私のCDのコンセプトを説明します。 私の1stCDアルバムは、CDというメディアに拘ったアルバムです。1曲ごとに曲の.
  2. Jan 25,  · Album title is “Title fit I felt it”. sound sample Comment about " Title fit I felt it " First, I will explain a concept of my 1st CD. It's a little bit long, but please be patient with me for a while. This CD is particular about a medium as a song is.
  3. T - Masashi Isai - Title fit I felt it Fekora なんとLuc Ferrariさんプレスク・リヤン協会日本支局サイトに私のインタビュー記事が掲載されま.
  4. Aug 07,  · 年8月4日放送分のTBSラジオ粋な夜電波で 私のアルバム"Title fit I felt it"より3曲O.A.して頂きました.
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  7. Ignore the title of this album for now. The CD, released , includes two short tracks from a live show in tracks 2 and 3. Performing is the trio (from #) plus Henry Grimes on bass. The version of "Number One" here (see #8 for a studio version) is highly anomalous.
  8. Sakanaction (stylized as sakanaction, Japanese pronunciation: [sakanaꜜkɯ̥ɕoɴ]) is the sixth studio album by Japanese band Sakanaction, released on March 13, Primarily created in recording sessions that began in September and lasted approximately four months, the album was recorded at the home of band's vocalist and songwriter, Ichiro Yamaguchi.

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