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Up And Away... - Down Below - Silent Wings:Eternity (CD, Album)

9 thoughts on “ Up And Away... - Down Below - Silent Wings:Eternity (CD, Album) ”

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  2. The way led down a dark, half-wooded heath Where moss-grey boulders humped above the mould, And curious drops, disquieting and cold, Sprayed up from unseen streams in gulfs beneath. There was no wind, nor any trace of sound In puzzling shrub, or alien-featured tree, Nor any view before—till suddenly, Straight in my path, I saw a monstrous mound.
  3. ‘The speed with which penalties mount up actually works against the reduction of outstanding debt.’ ‘This can mount up very quickly if not spotted, and leave a farmer in serious financial difficulties.’ ‘A takeaway meal for two can easily cost £20 or more so indulging in one of those every week can soon mount up.’.
  4. Up Up And Away; AFSD 12"S: PIC: Lester Lanin, thoroughly modern AFLP 12"M: Lester Lanin, thoroughly modern ST 12"S: PIC: Lester Lanin, thoroughly modern 7" Lester Lanin - Up Up and Away - The windows of the World.
  5. Following an initial batch of emailed conversations around Thanksgiving, former Stones Throw General Manager and Now-Again Records founder Eothen "Egon" Alapatt and I decided to reconvene after the holidays to conduct an all-inclusive interview for this very site, The Witzard; and now, a few months later, it has finally come to fruition.
  6. PIE *ud- ("up, out, up away"): Sk ut; Ave uz-; OIr ud-; Gmc *ut ("out"): Got ON OE ut, MDu uut, Du uit, OG uz, G aus, Da ud, Sw ut, Sw ute, E out (adv. "moving away from a place; away from your home or place of work; outdoors; so as to be revealed, heard, or known; at or to an end; so as to be extinguished; away from the land"); Ur us (prep.
  7. The Tally Ho Theatre in Leesburg claims to be the area for a superb local mash up of musical designs on Saturday, July twenty, The Woodshedders deliver their special blend of American Place, Rhythm & Blues, Bluegrass, Previous-Time tunes, and Gypsy Jazz to the Tally Ho Theatre on Saturday to rejoice the release of their third album “Wildfire.”.
  8. The majority of the tracks clock in at six minutes or more, and nearly all the tempos swimming in a dreamy, opiate-like haze, far below bpms. The resulting feeling on Voodoo is chilled out, unhurried, almost a druggy state of euphoria. It’s undoubtedly an album that takes its .

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